3-Step Guide to Lose Weight Fast and Improve Your Metabolism


Everyone who?s ever tried to lose weight knows that there are a number of diets, regimens and programs which you can follow to achieve results fast. Even though many of them may be successful, usually they all make you starve to death and after you?re done, there?s a high chance you?ll get those pounds back. Moreover, they will make you feel hungry and unsatisfied, meaning you?ll probably cave in to temptation and give up on your plans fairly quickly. But today is your lucky day because we?ve prepared the perfect routine for fast weight loss.

In this article we?ll try to outline a plan that will focus on 3 main points:

  • Reduce your cravings and appetite
  • Lose weight fast without starving
  • Improve your metabolism and stay healthy at the same time.

3-Step Guide for Fast and Healthy Weight Loss

If you want to lose weight and stay slim and healthy here?s our perfect 3-step guide to get the most of your dietary regimen:

1. Reduce Your Sugar and Carb Intake

3-Step Guide to Lose Weight Fast and Improve Your Metabolism 1

The first step in your weight loss program needs to be the elimination of carbs and sugars. This will help you reduce your hunger and you?ll start ingesting much fewer calories. Once you start doing this, your body will start burning stored fat instead of carbs for energy.

Moreover, the elimination of carbs will lower your insulin levels as well. This means that your kidneys will eliminate the excess water and sodium out of your system which will eliminate your water weight and reduce bloating. Don?t be surprised to see as much as 10 pounds less on the scale in just a week of starting this regimen ? this is water weight and fat.

2. Eat More Veggies, Fat and Protein

3-Step Guide to Lose Weight Fast and Improve Your Metabolism

Every meal you eat should be made from 3 staple foods ? protein, low carb veggie and fat. This way you?ll automatically lowr your intake of carbs to a minimum of 30-50gr. per day.

Good sources of protein include:

  • Meat ? Chicken, beef, lamb and pork.
  • Fish ??Trout, salmon, shrimp, etc.
  • And of course eggs.

There?s not enough words to stress out the importance of protein when it comes to healthy weight loss. Studies have shown that protein increases your metabolism significantly. Moreover, diets high in protein can reduce your food-cravings and food obsessions by 60%. You?ll feel fuller and automatically ingest 400 calories fewer per day and you?ll reduce the late-night snacking desire by half. All of this by simply adding protein to your diet.

Low carb veggies include spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, kale, tomatoes, Brussel sprouts, Swiss chard, cucumber, lettuce, cabbage and so on. Feel free to load your plate with these healthy veggies as you can eat loads of them without going over the 50gr of carbs a day limit.

When it comes to fat sources you can use coconut oil, avocado oil, olive oil and butter.

Once you regulate your diet to contain plenty or meat and veggies, you?ll have everything you need for a healthy weight loss. This type of eating regimen is loaded with vitamins, minerals and fiber ? everything you need to stay healthy.

You should eat 2-3 meals per day. If you feel hungry in the afternoon feel free to add another meal to eliminate the huger. If you?re afraid of the fat you?re ingesting, stop. You can?t do a low carb and low fat regimen, it?s the recipe for disaster. If you have to choose one, always go for the low carb as it?s the healthier and faster way to success.

Make a plan for the entire week and stick to it. Every beginning is hard, but if you have the will to do it you will do it!

3. Hit the Gym 3 Times a Week

3-Step Guide to Lose Weight Fast and Improve Your Metabolism

Exercising is not a MUST for this plan to be successful, but it will get you results faster and it?s healthy for you. Your best option is to hit the gym at least 3 times per week, do some cardio to warm up and lift weights. If this is your first time at the gym ask someone to help you out and guide you in the right direction. Lifting weights is good for you because it will help you burn more calories and keep your metabolism at a nice pace. The metabolism part is really important because many people who start a diet complain of a slower metabolism. Studies have shown that a combination of low-carb diet and exercise will help you gain muscle and loss plenty of fat.

If you can?t lift weights, try cardio. You can jog, walk, cycle, run or swim, they?re all nice alternatives.

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